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What about the sound of Yosegi Music?


You might be wondering, "What about the sound of Yosegi Music? Does applying Yosegi affect the sound of guitars or ukuleles?"

To be honest, we are not sure. 

Regarding electric guitars, the effect of attached Zuku would be considered as very limited or almost zero since neck and body materials and other parts and structures are same as those of ordinal electric guitars, when they are well made and balanced.

Typical sound of ukuleles, you might imagine soft and big-hearted sound associated with relaxing Hawaiian atmosphere. Yosegi ukuleles may sound more like guitars, slightly harder, keen or tense, and the sound may match rock-n-roll style music, like very talented young performer, Feng E.

Even if the sound of Yosegi music is different from other typical/ordinary instrument sounds, we hope you appreciate the unique Yosegi Sound.

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