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Yosegi Stratocaster style Sengoku

Yosegi Stratocaster style Sengoku

Pre-Sale: Yosegi Electric Guitar Sengoku

Stratocaster like shape Yosegi Electric Guitar, Sengoku

Body Material : Alder (Yosegi on Top, Koyosegi, mat finishing)

Body Shape : Strascaster 22F
Neck : Maple (Roast paint)
Peg : SG381-07
Bridge : GE101TS
Pickup : S-S-H <Duncan SSL-1/SSL-1/TB4> Direct Mount

Strings : D'Addario 009-046

End Pin : EP-B2*2

Weight : 3.6 kg


In case of out of stock, it may take about six months to deliver.


ストラスキャスター・スタイルの寄木エレキギターはSengoku と名付けました。




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    There is a 7 days return policy if the product is damaged.

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