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Yosegi Teleatocaster style Kintoki

Yosegi Teleatocaster style Kintoki

Pre-Sale Yosegi Electric Guitar Kintoki

The first real production of Yosegi guitar, Telecaster like shape

Body : Ash with Yosegi Top, Koyosegi , mat finishing
Neck : Maple, brawn paint
Peg : SG381-07, MT-T
Bridge : GTC-Art-02
Pickup : S-S <Duncan STR-1/STL-1>


Takes six months to deliver.


Specifications are to be decided, and can be changed without notice.

Thanks for your understanding in advance.


The first product is in the proecess of lunch, please order now.




  • Order Production 受注生産

    Spesfications are to be decided, thanks for you understanding in advance


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